Fish Tails

NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, NO WORK is my own. Occasionally I post photos of my own fish and tanks, but mostly it's work I find interesting.
This blog is dedicated all to our aquatic friends.
I have a certain love for bettas, so expect to see them make quite a few appearances.


I’d like you all to meet Sir Reginald Puffington Esquire!!!!!!!


fishysarefriendsnotfoods here he is! He’s actually pretty much what I wanted, I’ve been looking for a plakat dragon. I think he’ll color up nicely once he’s in clean water because his water is pretty damn gross.

I need name ideas!

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My grow out tank and its inhabitants before and after a trim. I need more plants, probably another Rotala species. Does anyone else love watching their fish photobomb?

Ps: the silicone on the back of the tank is due to it being a former vivarium.

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Tried to get some pictures of Clear. He didn’t want to cooperate.


Atlas’ tank update and photos of the little dweeb himself.

New gravel, filter, and heater. Starting out with some crypts while I’m soaking a piece of driftwood.

Don’t the plants pop out nicely against the black gravel?

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Zoomed around then finally stayed still for one nice shot :P