Fish Tails

NOTE: Unless specified otherwise, NO WORK is my own. Occasionally I post photos of my own fish and tanks, but mostly it's work I find interesting.
This blog is dedicated all to our aquatic friends.
I have a certain love for bettas, so expect to see them make quite a few appearances.



This weekend I spent some time to myself. I cleaned up my tanks and added a betta to my mature 5.5 gallon shrimp tank. He likes to look for the shrimps, but they’re too fast for him. I kinda don’t mind if he eats a few. My last betta never caught anything and eventually just ignored them.

I started up the yeast CO2 system again for the 5 gallon (not seen in the pics), and will be dosing ferts after I fix the water. I used to top off evaporated water with tap before I got a glass cover, so now the pH and the water hardness is all out of wack!

My 25g riparium is also looking pretty good. Gave the sub a good vacuuming and put a prefilter on the powerhead. The water is now crystal clear! The prefilter has a media basket which is perfect for biomedia. I never use carbon or any of that, the plants do all the work. Still need to work on my photography skills, especially on the big tank. I hope to get a tripod, soon.

WOW!!! Gorgeous tanks!

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here is a cactus dragon update for you: they’ve quite enjoyed their dinner and uprooting most of my plants! can’t do nofing with these amphibians!

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General Treatment and Fin Regrowth


How I turned this:


into this (back to health, with improvements since this picture too):



API Stress Coat+

Aquarium Salt


1. Initiate 50% water changes

2. For the first water change, add enough AQ salt to treat the whole tank….